365 days of Decker

This family means a lot to me. Not just because they are in laws but because Louis ( the father ) is my husbands cousin who has always been there for my husband. They grew up together and even lived together when they where young. Louis is more life a brother to my husband, and to see him start his family is amazing to watch. We all knew when Lauren and her beautiful daughter Jillian came in the picture that it was for life. Shortly after they were engaged, then married. And true to their ways, shortly after marriage came Decker. The happiest kid in the world. Just seeing his face can make your day better. His smile is contagious. I was honored when asked to do a shoot to celebrate Deckers first 365 days of life. I knew this family would be perfect for a little lifestyle session in their new beautiful home! We spent the morning playing with Decker and watching him as he decided if he wanted to eat cake or not. Oh what a morning it was. <3 Happy Birthday little man. WE LOVE YOU!