Hey guys, thanks for stopping by my website, I just wanted to tell you a little about my self! I'm pretty simple and like to live my life that way. I believe in the importance of adventure and never taking anything for granted. In saying that I think every moment is worth remembering, and can honestly say thats what got me started in photography. I grew up with parents that loved to be outdoors, so that meant skiing at the age of 5, hiking every day on camping trips, learning how to drive a boat and enjoying nights spent around the camp fire with my family and my dog listening to Dusty and Lefty's big adventures on the Prairie home companion radio show... yes thats a real thing. ha. Thanks to them I have traveled all over and have seen some amazing sites. My dream is to be able to capture those type of moments for people so they can look back and relive it. Every day in your life is an adventure and one day I want someones great great grand kids to look at photos I have taken of their past family and say " wow what a life they lived .. ." 

My Interest/ Obsessions are: 

  • My 2 amazing fun loving balls of fur Huskies

  • My amazing husband

  • Being a mom to my baby Easton

  • Traveling

  • Skiing

  • My dogs .. again .. really anyones dogs .. lets be honest !

  • Music

  • Drinking tea and coffee..

  • Fashion <3

  • Anything outdoors

  • Hanging out with my family